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Wallingford's Birthday Bash - 350th Jubilee

What a bash we have in store for Wallingford, CT from June 18th-25th, 2022. Every 25 years, this special New England town celebrates a Jubilee honoring Wallingford’s birthday from when it was first established in 1670. With a two year delay in celebration due to Covid-19, the excitement and anticipation has only grown amongst residents, attendees and the Jubilee committee for what is now known as the "350th +2". I got a chance to speak with Bob Devaney who is a life long Wallingford resident and has played a huge role in this town’s upcoming Jubilee.


WES: “What is your position on the Jubilee committee?”

BOB: “I am Co chairman along with Christine Mansfield.”

WES: “For those who maybe don’t know what the Jubilee is, what exactly is this event all about and what can interested folks expect?”

BOB: “The Jubilee is a huge celebration every 25yrs to commemorate the town of Wallingford. I can remember the previous Jubilee celebration in 1970 and 1995 and then obviously due to Covid, we are celebrating the 2020 Jubilee this year in 2022…it’s a celebration of people, it’s heritage, it’s businesses, community, the organizations (a lot of fraternal and ethnic organizations). It’s a birthday party for the town!”

WES: “I love that ‘It’s a birthday party for the town’”

WES: “How much planning has gone into this years Jubilee?”


WES: “Wow, 7 years!?”

BOB: “Yes, it would have been 5, but because of the pandemic. But we’ve held it together.”

WES: “Do you think the 2 year delay in the celebration has helped improve the festivities and preparation?”

BOB: “Well the only thing we can absolutely look at Wes is the fact that Christine and I haven’t lost any momentum. Neither has the committee. People want to see this happen and we’re looking forward to it!”

WES: “What is it about Wallingford that makes it so special in your opinion?”

BOB: “My personal opinion for what makes Wallingford so special is its people. Its people, the way the town has provided the services that it needs, and again, the people. We are lucky to live in such a great town!”

WES: “What would you tell people who are new to Wallingford or are looking in from elsewhere? What are some of the highlights”

BOB: “What I would tell people from outside of Wallingford is that you are coming in to 350 years of history. A town full of smiling people and one that is about to celebrate Wallingford’s people of all faiths and backgrounds. People will be coming from all over the United States to honor Wallingford’s beginning. We have descendants of the original families who started Wallingford who will be in town.”

WES: “What are some of the Jubilee events taking place that attendees can look forward to?”

BOB: “Well, you have a huge parade on Saturday the 18th with floats, bands, veterans and more. Descendants day on Monday the 20th includes something put together by the Historical Society and WHPT (Wallingford Historical Preservation Trust), the Sip & Savor up at Gaylord with the Chamber of Commerce. On Friday the 24th, you will have an enormous town size Simon-Says, and of course followed by the incredible fireworks later that evening!”

WES: “Is there a day you’re personally looking forward to the most?”

BOB: “Well, I’ll be straight with you there Wes.. I’m looking forward to every day. We’ve got a great team who’s put together a tremendous week. There’s not one day over the other. I think it’s going to be awesome!"

WES: “Where can people go to get further information”

BOB: “They can go to and find all the information there.”

A tremendous appreciation and thank you is due to all members of the Jubilee committee and anyone who put effort towards this exciting celebration in town! Here is a full list of activities and events taking place throughout the whole Jubilee week in Wallingford.

I can promise you it’s a week you will not want to miss if you are a Wallingford resident or or in the southern Connecticut area during the Jubilee week of June 18th-25th. Come enjoy the food, the people, the history, the businesses and more. You may find it hard to leave.


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