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The Oldest House in Wallingford

Welcome to the oldest house in Wallingford, the Nehemiah Royce house, constructed in 1672. Built as an American Colonial Salt Box style, this house exemplifies a common type of construction for the time period. The Royce family then went on to occupy the home for over 200 years. George Washington visited this home not once, but twice! On the second visit he gave an address to the town's people in the front yard of the Royce house next to its famous Elm tree.

Sadly, that famous Elm tree came down in winds in 1896 and just a few decades later, in 1924, the home was moved from it's existing location on the corner of North St and N Main St to a lot further down on N Main St right in front of Dutton Park.

Significant and important efforts were made in the 1930's-1940's to rehabilitate the home and preserve it's history. The home is now cared for by the Wallingford Historic Preservation Trust and has numerous opportunities to view it throughout the year. For more information about the Nehemiah Royce House or the Wallingford Historic Preservation Trust, please visit

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