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Wesley Krombel

  • How do you effectively market properties in Wallingford, CT?
    I leverage a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes professional photography, videography, drone footage, and 3-D Matterport tours to showcase the unique features of each property. Additionally, I utilize targeted advertising to maximize visibility and attract potential buyers. When you need licensed realtors in Wallingford, CT who know how to market your property, give Wesley Krombel at the Krombel Team, a call today!
  • What sets you apart as a real estate professional in Wallingford?
    My commitment, passion, and drive distinguish me in the real estate market. I have a track record of achievements, including being a top producer and receiving the Customer Service Award. According to The Close, 67% of all realtors are licensed as sales agents which is something that further sets us apart. I have also acquired a Real Estate Broker's license to further my knowledge within the industry. My extensive market knowledge, dedication to clients, and involvement in the local community contribute to my success as one of the best real estate agents in Wallingford, CT.
  • How do you handle multi-family investments and commercial real estate in Wallingford, CT
    I specialize in not only residential real estate but also multi-family investments and commercial real estate. My expertise in these areas allows me to provide valuable insights to clients looking to invest in diverse real estate opportunities in Wallingford and the surrounding areas. Are you looking for licensed realtors in Wallingford, CT who can tackle bigger projects? You're in the right place!
  • Can you share your approach to expired listings in Wallingford?
    As an expired listings specialist, I employ a strategic approach to revitalize and successfully sell properties that may not have sold previously. This involves a thorough analysis of the market, targeted marketing efforts, and proactive communication to attract new interest and secure a successful transaction. Make sure you're working with real estate agents in Wallingford, CT who can appropriately handle expired listings by choosing my team!
  • How do you stay involved in the Wallingford community, and how does it benefit your clients?
    Community involvement is a priority for me, and I've partnered with "Family Business Inc," a local non-profit dedicated to solving social problems. Being engaged in the community not only allows me to give back but also provides valuable insights into local trends and enhances my understanding of the unique needs of Wallingford residents, benefiting my clients in the process. Being one of the top licensed realtors in Wallingford, CT goes beyond realty itself, and I enjoy giving back to the community!

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