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Wallingford's New Downtown Zoning District

In the autumn of 2022, the Wallingford Planning & Zoning Department took upon upon a visionary initiative aimed at revitalizing the lower downtown area near the historic train station. With the introduction of a new incentive housing district, the department aimed to stimulate growth and improvement in the surrounding area.

The district features a series of changes, such as an increase in the maximum number of housing units per acre from 35 units to 50 units and a raise in the maximum building height from 35 feet to 45 feet. To ensure a harmonious blend of residential and commercial space, the regulations dictate that all developments must feature commercial tenancy on the first floor and residential units on the upper floors.

It is hoped that the new zoning regulations will act as a catalyst for change in the designated district, potentially leading to an increase in the number of housing units within walking distance to the newly renovated train station. The increased density and potential tax incentives for compliant developments is expected to spark developers interest due to the improved profitability.

As the Wallingford community looks to the future, it remains optimistic about the transformative potential of the lower downtown area. What do you envision for the future of this dynamic community?

*For further info about the new Incentive Housing District in Wallingford, please contact the Wallingford Planning and Zoning Department*

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